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What are the new Europcar Protection packages?

We offer three different packages: Basic Protection (included in the rentals except for US customers), Medium Protection and Premium Protection each with different levels of protection and reduction of excess amounts.


What does each package contain?


Basic Protection

Basic protection is, in most cases, included in the quoted rental price.
It limits your financial liability in case of damage of the vehicle caused by collision, theft or attempted theft.
The excess amount for Basic Protection varies depending on the vehicle category chosen and the country in which the rental is/will be taking place.
NOTE: Basic protection is mandatory for your rental.  You must either be covered by your payment card (for USA and Canadian residents) or purchase Basic protection separately.

Medium Protection

Reduces your financial liability in case of damage to the vehicle as a result of collision, theft or attempted theft.  
Medium protection package also protects you in the event of damage to the windscreen, headlights or tires (except for rentals in the UK or France).
It also includes personal accident protection that provides indemnity for drivers and people in the vehicle in case of bodily injury or death.
The indemnity amount can go up to €50 000 per individual.

Premium Protection

Premium protection package waives your financial liability in case of damage to the vehicle, windscreen, mirrors, headlights and/or tires as a result of collision, theft or attempted theft.
It also includes personal accident protection of up to €200,000 per individual, covering drivers and passengers in the event of bodily injury or death.  Also covering your personal effects in the event of lost or damaged luggage.

Minimum age required:

You must be aged 26 or over to book Premium package.

Car category:

Premium package is subject to vehicle restriction: no trucks, no luxury cars. Some additional restrictions may apply in some countries.

Local driver's license:

You will need to present to our customer representative your normal driving licence, issued by your country of residence and held for a minimum period according to local legislation or conditions. It will be requested at every rental.

International driver's license:


Identification documents required:

An identification document, such as a passport or ID card may also be required. The driver license is not sufficient.

Means of payment:

You will also need to present a valid credit card on which an authorisation is requested.
Please be aware that the renter IS the cardholder and must be physically present in order to sign the rental agreement.

These three packages are available in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.


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