This document is MANDATORY to rent your car as your Chinese Driving license is not recognized at our counters and needs a translation in English.

This document will have to be done only ONCE and will be available to rent with EUROPCAR as long as your driving license is valid.

Please fill the next form in English, attach the pictures of your driving license. Once done, please print it and sign it. Do not forget to bring this form with you together with your driving license in order to pick-up the vehicle.

Keep this document and your driving license with you everytime you are driving the vehicle.

We wish you a safe journey and enjoy driving this vehicle.

 * This document is a simple translation of a copy of the Chinese driving license set forth below. It is not valid as an original driving license. It will never replace your original Chinese driving license. You therefore must always carry your original Chinese driving license with this form. This document may be of assistance in translating your license for law enforcement officials as well as for rental of a vehicle from Europcar in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain United Kingdom, USA and Thailand.

( Car rental in Italy: If you want to drive a car in Italy and you hold a Chinese driving license you are required to hold also an International Driving License, or a sworn translation - in Italian language - of your Chinese driving license. In addition to rent a Vehicle with Europcar in Italy, you must show an additional identification document such as a passport or an ID card)

However, this is not a legal document or a legal form of personal identification. Local authorities can refuse it. This form shall not be used for any other purpose. If you have any questions renting a Europcar Vehicle, please contact Europcar at +86-10-87551037.


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